God’s love

God’s love always amazes me. With all the promises in the Bible, it shouldnít, but it does. Heís amazed me again.

Glenn went to Pittsburgh for Reneeís graduation (the doctor told me to stay home). One of the ceremonies would be webcast, so I could still be part of her graduation.
When the time came, I turned on the computer and…we had no internet.

I fell apart. The things I said and thought about God were awful. If it were me, I would have struck me dead right then! Glenn kept calling me on his cell phone and holding it up so I could listen to parts of the ceremonies, but that only made me more frustrated.

It was when I started asking God how He could be so cruel, why would He let me know of a webcast and then not let me see it? Then I realized what I’d been saying. God is never cruel. Someone else is.

I spent the rest of the day asking for forgiveness. I didn’t go to sleep that night until I went to God again, consciously holding Jesus’ hand.

Wondering where God’s love comes in? When Glenn got home, he was checking out some things on that new phone of his and he found a video file. He hadn’t taken any video – he hadn’t even read those directions yet.

We played the video to see what it could be. A tech angel must have been assigned to Glenn that day. As he held the phone up for me to hear, someone pressed a button. We saw a video of Renee walking across the stage, getting her diploma and walking down. Nothing else, just those few precious minutes.

God is so good. His love is boundless. And He still does miracles to prove it. As I add this to my other life stories and keep reminding myself of them, I hope I’ll trust Him more the next time.

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