Choosing rest

Socks. Paper. They call them inanimate objects, but I don’t believe it. They know when you can’t bend. They know and they jump; out of your hand, off the table, out of the dryer.

It’s those little things that drive me crazy. I think that I’m doing well and handling things. I work on dealing with the limitations of a back brace and instructions to do no bending or twisting. Then I’m ready to scream and throw things because something fell on the floor.

Obviously, I’m not doing as well as I think I am, if I imagine a sock grinning up at me from the floor! How is it that we don’t know we’re on the edge?

Is it possible to live away from the edge? The Bible talks about the peace of God that passes understanding and entering God’s rest. Jesus talked about His yoke being easy and His burden light. But how does it work? How do you live there?

I’m reading Choosing Rest: Cultivating a Sunday Heart in a Monday World, by Sally Breedlove. It’s a wonderful book. She talks about what rest looks like and shows how to rest in Christ today no matter what the day holds. We struggle through our days, hoping to just survive, believing rest cannot be ours until we have more time or easier circumstances. But the Bible promises that rest is available now. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Ms. Breedlove explains how it works, shows the tools it takes and gives examples from real women. It’s easy to read, profound and practical all at the same time. Check it out … and rest.

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