Muffy is our ninja cat. She loves to hide behind our floor length curtains and pounce at our feet or wait to be found. We call “Where’s the kitty? Where is she?” And eventually she will jump out with a triumphant look on her furry face that seems to say “I fooled you!”

What she doesn’t understand is that the curtains aren’t quite floor length—little white paws and a swishing tail are very obvious. And sometimes the only thing actually hidden is her head! But no one can see her because she can’t see us. She thinks that she is so wonderfully clever and we smile and think that she is so wonderfully cute.

It started me thinking about the many times I act the same way. I think that I am so clever and well hidden. And the whole time my “paws” are clearly seen. I wonder if God smiles and says “Here we go again!”

Knowing that nothing is hidden from Him can seem threatening but it can also be very comforting. There is no where I can go that is too far away! I can’t slip through His fingers. He knows what I need to turn me back to Him or to get me out of the “inescapable” places I get myself into.

Now when I see the clever hidden kitty I still smile, but I’m smiling at myself, too!

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