It’s almost over!

Since fall we’ve been re-doing our house. Mostly for health reasons. And we’re almost at the end.

We’ve been here 16 years. Never painted or replaced carpet ‘coz I was afraid of the chemicals involved. As more and more people overload on all the chemicals, with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, Sick Building Syndrome and the like, they’ve started making things for MCSers like me and we found some that we could use.

I’ve had a spinal fusion, so we converted all the kitchen cabinets into drawers – no more climbing in to reach things.

We both have migraines, so we had dimmer switches installed in several rooms.

The most exciting things were paint and flooring:

We found “miracle” paint that I could tolerate. Mythic Non-Toxic Paint is amazing! So far, the cloest place to get it is in Baltimre. But it was worth the trip. And the painter was so impressed with it he said he was going to start using it himself.

I was in tears on the way to make the final decision about floors. It seemed like any of the options could be wrong and I would end up allergic to my house. When we got there we were shown a new product—only available weeks before. They showed us non-toxic woven bamboo flooring. EcoTimber’s woven bamboo is harder than Red Oak, but, more importantly, there was nothing for me to react to. There were no wood smells and no formaldehyde or other fumes. Wonderful!

God provided what we needed. (And most of the stuff is back in from the garage!)

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