Made in the likeness of God

Part of being made in the image of God is freedom—the freedom to make choices.

Everything I do involves choices. I may not be aware of them, but they’re there. I choose how to respond to someone’s words or actions. I choose how to respond to interruptions. Or emergencies. Or anything else that disrupts my plans. Everything involves a choice.

Being in His image means that He’s also given me a dash of His creativity. I can choose to make something beautiful. Or something really ugly. Whether it’s things or relationships.

Have you ever watched a child think through things to get what they want? Or not have to do what they’re told? There can be some amazing creativity involved!

And really I’m no different. I may be able to use more finesse. I may be able to hide the mechanizations better. But, in the space of a second, I can choose whether to do right (build up) or do wrong (tear down).

Lord, help me not to just be in Your image, but to reflect your character, too.

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