There isn’t anything in the Bible about voting. So it provides me with no how-to advice. Lots of what’s important to God and how to live that I can apply to my decision. But no how-to.

Abortion is a big issue with Christians. Since we’re told explicitly not to murder, that one’s easy! But politicians say what will get them elected. So, is it enough of a reason to vote for someone.

The last pro-life person I voted for had an idea to help endangered species—organize a hunt of endangered species animals and give the money raised to help endangered species. He has bullied our enemies and allies alike. He declared war on a country that didn’t attack us. He has ok’d spying on his own people. He has kept people for years without trial and ok’d torture as a questioning “technique”—leaving us with nothing to stand on when others ignore the Geneva Convention, too. Then there’s the wall of safeguards put up after the Depression that was dismantled on his watch—leading to this mortgage crisis. And this oilman has allowed record profits for oil companies while squashing talk of global warming and alternative energy. And he has been very slow to care for his own people during crises like Katrina and even the recent tornadoes and flooding.

I’ve been listening to Obama. I don’t agree with alot of the Democratic platform, but I like alot of what he says and the way he handles himself under all the pressure. The things he says remind me of Lincoln, Kennedy and Reagan. We have fallen so far as a nation. He talks about rebuilding—rebuilding our reputation in the world and with each other.

There are 98 days left until the election. Pro-life is important, but I wonder, is it enough?

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