Family and open doors

My father was never very talkative. My mother was the one who called and wanted to talk. After she died there wasn’t much.

Even so, I was in shock when my father was dying and refused to see me. I had been disowned and no one had bothered to even communicate that much. He was angry about something and would not even tell me what it was.

It was about that same time that Glenn and I had our own hard time in our family. I found myself unable to talk to the person. That person wasn’t talking about the problem and I couldn’t bring myself to talk around the “elephant” between us. Glenn kept in touch—I just couldn’t—I didn’t have anything to say.

Then I saw it. It really wouldn’t be that hard for communication to stop. I saw years going by with nothing. Findng that I had disowned someone, too. It scared me.

I made myself talk. I made myself leave the elephant alone – to look around the trunk—to look between the legs. Anything. Just to keep the talking going.

It’s so important not to close the door. Not to leave a loved one on the outside. Even if you hurt—don’t close the door completely. It’s too easy to do. And it’s too easy to let years go by and the separation gets too big to cross.

The Lord will bless your open door. He has mine.

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