The food is gone again. There’s never enough to last the day. She scratches and scratches for more. Ever hopeful. Usually disappointed. Muffy’s on a diet.

Her food usually lasts until about four o’clock. Then she must get creative. She’s never had people food, so she doesn’t know it is food. That leaves her scratching post. She always got a treat if she used her post instead of the furniture (or the people). So, from four o’clock on, she scratches. We space out the treats during the evening. That means a lot more “good girls” than treats. And it makes for very long evenings for all of us!

We’re all adjusting to the change. It was that kind of year.

We’ve had a number of adjustments to make in ’98. Wedding, empty nest and diabetes all required them. Regular daily living requires them, too. They may be little ones, but they are adjustments, just the same.

I wonder about them. Why doesn’t life just go on like it did before? Why do I need to be taken by surprise all the time? Why do I constantly need to be “creative”?

My wonderings have led me to believe that they serve a purpose. They have to.

Paul said “all things work for the good of those … who have been called according to His purpose”. He went on to say that our purpose is to be conformed to the likeness of His Son. So, all things (even adjustments) must work toward that purpose. Somehow they have the potential of making me more like Jesus.

I don’t always see it. But I trust that I will someday. Someday I’ll look back and see everything clearly. And be able to say “Thanks, I needed that.”

©Micki Parkinson, an editorial from the SPEP church newsletter


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