Muffy knows what is proper. She takes manners very seriously. One such propriety—”a purrson’s presence should be acknowledged.” She expects to be spoken to when she enters a room or when you enter the room she’s in. That furry little face can look very disgruntled as she meows a protest if I forget myself and just go about my business.

She doesn’t understand everything, though. Glasses, for one. She expects the correct response whether I can see her or not. As you can imagine, it has led to some interesting interchanges. I have been known to talk to Glenn’s shoes, his briefcase and other dark, fuzzy lumps.

It occurred to me that seeing the world can be much the same. I can pretend that I understand it all and have it all in focus when, in reality, dark, fuzzy lumps are everywhere. It’s only when I look at the world through God’s Word that I can see it in perspective and understand the “whys” of it.

Why pain and illness? Why is everything so hard? Why doesn’t anything work the first time? Why isn’t it easy to love someone? Why me? I look in the Bible and I find answers. The whole of creation is twisted by sin. Jesus came to live a sinless life in my place and then pay for my sin on the cross. He’s waiting for all of His own to believe. Then He will return and make a new heaven and a new earth — untwisted and beautiful. Until then I should expect twists — it’s part of living here. But I can rely on His help in each and every twist while we wait together.

The unfolding of Your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple. (Ps. 119:13)

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