Living weightlessly

Jesus invites us to live weightlessly—to walk on water!—by holding his hand. (Jane Rubietta)

This was the third Sunday I have gone to church and had to leave because of fumes. Carpet cleaning fumes—floor stripping fumes—I don’t know which. But they certainly have been fuming!

Anyway, my Sunday message was from a book: Come Closer by Jane Rubietta. The quote is from the first chapter, Come to Abundance.

I’ve been thinking about it for days. What would it mean to live weightlessly?

If I’m holding his hand then my stuff isn’t weighing me down. You need both hands to grab your stuff and hold on tight—or grab more. So it must mean that my stuff doesn’t control me—that I hold it lightly.

If I’m holding his hand then my fears aren’t weighing me down either. In this age of shootings, planes flying into buildings and all the rest. there are lots of fears to add to the ones that come naturally to me.  But holding his hand means that I am not alone. It means that nothing will touch me unless he wants it to. And then we face it together—holding hands.

Imagine being able to walk on water! Peter did it—until he took his eyes off Jesus. But he was saved by taking his hand. We can be saved from drowning, too.

Take his hand and don’t let go. Look in his eyes. See his love, his confidence. And we’ll live weightlessly!

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