In England during World War II, enemy planes roared overhead seeking easy prey. Light coming through windows was, literally, a dead giveaway … The Enemy looks for light, wanting to attack that light with darkness. As people living in the light, we are targets of darkness.    (Come Closer, Jane Rubietta, p. 153)

A lot of people are told that if they accept Christ their life will be great. Prosperous. Problems solved. I’ve found that it’s not so.

For me it’s been much more complicated. Before, life was simpler. I did what I wanted to and didn’t have to answer to anyone. Didn’t have to deal with my sin. Didn’t have to make things right. In fact right was whatever I wanted it to be.

And not only that, but now I have an Enemy. Someone who wants me to fail. Wants me to give up and think Jesus isn’t enough.

And I’ve watched as my pastors have been attacked. Attacked for trying to show the love of Christ. For trying to do right and shine His light in a dark place.

I need to keep reminding myself—what do I expect?  A light shining can’t be ignored. A light shining is hated by the Enemy—and it’s a target. It always has been.

That doesn’t mean that the light should stop. In fact the light needs to shine all the more.  It’s truth against lies. It’s hope against despair. It’s life against death. And it will show the way out for some.

A holy life will produce the deepest impression. Lighthouses blow no horns. They only shine.  (D.L. Moody)

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