Universal remote

Glenn loves electronics. He loves looking through catalogs of wondrous things that plug in. Right now he is digitizing all our music so that he can play it over the wireless network he’s set up—instead of hunting for a CD each time.

It involves the computer, the TV, the receiver, and another little thing that sits on top of all the rest. His dream is one remote “to rule them all.”

We’re on our fourth universal remote (that’s if you don’t count the Star Trek phaser one). They all seem to control things for awhile. Then a piece changes and that’s the end. Through it all, I just keep learning how to use each new remote and tell myself that learning new things is good for brain health!
Our TV died recently. He “taught” his third remote to work with the new one and then went out to a meeting. It took me a while (much longer than I care to admit) to realize that every time I tried to get a channel with the number six in, the TV went off.

It was so ridiculous, I couldn’t help but laugh. And it started me thinking that there is One who really has control. God knows the end from the beginning. Nothing slips through His fingers. He is never distracted by one thing and misses something else. And He never has trouble with His six button!

The best part of all—He’s not remote either. He is always with us and in control. We can talk to Him, work with Him. He’s always prepared for the things that surprise us. And He always has what we need when we need it. His circuitry works perfectly.

We may never have the perfect universal remote, but we have something much better!


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