My kitty said she was sorry the other day. Really! I was sitting on the floor going through a pile and throwing away out of date stuff when Muff jumped up on my desk and missed—a wiggling pile of fluff and claws landed in my lap. As any intelligent person would, I yelled “OW!” as she ran off.

It must have sounded like something in cat because a few seconds later she climbed back into my lap with a very concerned expression on her furry little face (don’t ask me to describe it, just take my word for it!) and gave me a kitty kiss. Cats greet cat-friends by touching noses—in our house we call that a kitty kiss. She very determinedly climbed up and touched my nose.

I was very impressed with her. She knew something needed fixing and so she came back and made sure we were friends before trotting off to find other mischief to get into.

What would living be like if we did as well—without waiting for time to go by, coming back to say we’re sorry and making sure that the relationship is okay before going on. A lot of the problems we have with each other are much bigger than they need to be because we add them to the pile of others that haven’t been taken care of. 

Don’t let the sun go down on your anger is good advice. And my kitty was a good example for me!

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