My favorite kitty gets very tense every fall. She paces.She’s jumpy. She’s cranky. And she doesn’t get enough sleep. All because she must remain ever vigilant to the attacking forces. As soon as they start changing color she seems to know that they will soon be attacking her territory again. And she waits and watches. And when those leaves start falling she spends hours at the sliding glass door, pouncing at each one—making sure that there is no unprotected place for them to get in. 

This is her third fall and each year I think she will be used to it and maybe she handles it a little better, but we still have several difficult weeks. Sometimes she cries and comes running over for non-stop affection and reassurance and other times we are definitely in the way. So, we just continue on—knowing that this is something she has to get through. 

It seems like that happens with people, too. Especially the ones you live with. There are times when things are tense and they are on the alert. Sometimes all the rest of us can do is be consistent and stable. We can watch for the signs and be there when they want us to be—and not take it all personally. 

Eventually, all the leaves will be down and Muffy will be her adorable, nutty self. And eventually the job pressures, etc. will be done and our people will be back to being their adorable, nutty selves, too. 

When you’re in it, it helps to remember that!

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