Cat Courageous?

You hear stories of cats waking up their people when there’s a fire and other things like that. But I never gave it much thought until yesterday. We have a courageous cat.

Muff was afraid of the vacuum monster. As soon as I got out the cleaning supplies she would run and hide as far away as she could get. In fact all I had to do was start picking up her toys and she would run.

Lilly is afraid, too. But she deals with it very differently.

She’s obviously afraid. She crouches in a corner—preferably a high corner—and doesn’t take her eyes off it. But, yesterday, I noticed that she doesn’t leave. In fact, she follows me from room to room.

I was trying to figure out why she would do that. If she’s afraid, why not go somewhere else? Discretion is the better part of valor after all!

Then it occurred to me that she must be protecting me. She follows me from room to room—she doesn’t leave and hide in rooms I then go to—she’s not there when I get there. She comes in after me and the monster.

Could she really be keeping watch? Making sure I’m alright? The way cats think is always surprising, but I’m amazed that she would think it through that way.

She’s a gem!

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