Oscar Night

Last night I watched part of the Academy Awards. I make myself do that every couple of years. The spectacle touches my heart.

I always marvel at how this most secular of events tries so desperately hard to emulate the heavenly reception so few of the participants seem to anticipate. The wonderful clothes, the appreciative onlookers, the praise and often false modesty. I am particularly moved by the obvious deep need that many apparently have to win an Oscar before they die, as if it would justify their lives and affirm that their lives were worthwhile. I always leave the Oscars impressed with how I am aiming for a much, much higher prize.

I also leave with a renewed appreciation for how much it means to all of us to be recognized for a job well done. There are hard working, creative people all around us who deserve such recognition. An appropriate praise in private or in public can mean as much to many of us as an Oscar. It encourages us to press on in hope of the highest reward of all – our Lord’s greeting of a good and faithful steward.