Same Sex Marriage – Where is the Fire?

How can you say, “We are wise, for we have the law of the LORD,” when actually the lying pen of the scribes has handled it falsely?
Jeremiah 8:8

Same sex marriage is currently before the Maryland House of Delegates, having already been passed by the Senate. It could be voted on this week.

I have communicated my beliefs and advice to my own State Senator and Delegate, specifically suggesting amendments in certain areas. I have prayed for a godly outcome. I never mix politics in my preaching, but being personally involved is my duty and privilege as a Christian citizen.

However, I have recently been convicted by Jeremiah that, while diligent in one area, I have been negligent in another.

Public policy will bless a people to the degree it is consistent with God’s revealed will. But in a pluralistic society, it is never surprising when others – perhaps a majority of others – prefer some other way to God’s way. I cannot expect those who are not committed to biblical revelation to act as if they were. The State and the nation will do what they will, and we must all deal with the results that God allows.

What is surprising – and spiritually deadly – is when people whom you expect to honor biblical religion handle it falsely. The Episcopal church is in turmoil, in part, because of its decision to bless same-sex unions. A local Lutheran church just lost its Senior Pastor because he could not support his denomination’s decision to allow committed homosexuals in its clergy. Presbyterians (not the PCA) are currently voting by Presbytery to affirm something similar in their fellowship, and it looks like the change will pass.

I have been praying that society in general resist a re-definition of marriage, but I have long since stopped regularly praying with regard to church leaders who prefer their culture’s preferences to the clear teaching of God’s Word.

I have been trying to struggle through the smoke of our government’s laws and decrees. But the real fire is in America’s churches.