A very sad little bundle of fur huddled in the shadows of an alley. The little kitten didn’t know how long she had been alone, but she did know that she was cold and tired and hungry and very lonely. She cut her paw the last time someone chased her away.

She stayed in her safe place and watched people pass by for a long time. Then she saw a young Jewish girl coming toward her. She was in a hurry and it was clear that she had something very important on her mind. The little kitten also sensed something else about her. The Creator was with this girl. She could be trusted.

A little “meow” stopped her. It took one more “meow” before she looked into the eyes of the sad little face in the shadows. The kitten limped toward her and soon found herself lifted by gentle hands. She looked very solemnly into the girl’s eyes and purred a “thank you”.

When they reached the girl’s home, the kitten heard her rescuer called Esther. She also heard talk of a King and a wedding and no time for a kitten. The kitten care continued anyway.

The little kitten knew that Esther meant to help her so she sat very patiently as her paw was cleaned and bandaged, although it hurt her very much. Even the bath didn’t change the little kitten’s opinion. She did enjoy the surprised faces she saw when the dirty, brown kitten who went into the tub came out a long-haired sliver beauty. As she sat there, looking like kitten royalty, Princess seemed the only name that fit.

From that day on, wherever Esther was, Princess was not far away. Sometimes she supervised the wedding preparations by sitting on the lace and playing with the ribbons. Sometimes she sunned herself by the window or slept on a pillow in the corner. But her favorite place by far was next to Esther’s feet. Most of the time the only clue to her whereabouts was a paw—or a bushy tail—peeking out from under Esther’s skirt.

The big day finally came. Princess’ Esther married the King. She became Queen Esther and Princess found herself living in a palace. The King didn’t seem really happy about a kitten in his palace, but she could tell that he loved Esther and that was enough to give her a good opinion of him. She set about exploring her new home and finding all the very best napping places.

Then, one day, Esther’s uncle came to talk to her. Princess heard him talk about a man named Haman. Haman had a law passed. It sentenced all the Jews in the land to death Esther didn’t want to take a chance on making her new husband angry by talking about it. Her uncle said, “Who knows, God may have made you Queen just for a time like this.” Princess watched as Esther thought for a minute and asked him to have all the Jews in the area pray for her for three days. Then she would go to the King.

Princess stayed very close to Esther during those days. She didn’t understand it all, but she could tell that Esther needed a friend. After those three days Esther invited the King to a special dinner.

When the time came, the King was announced with the trumpets that always sent Princess scurrying under Esther’s skirt. From her safe place she saw another man with the King. She heard him introduced as Haman. He seemed to think that he was very important, but Princess didn’t see anything to impress her. She decided he needed watching.

She also kept an eye on Esther. Princess could tell that this was a very important time for her. She rubbed against Esther’s ankle to reassure her. Finally the time came for Esther to tell the King that all the Jews in the land—her people—were to be destroyed by Haman’s law. Princess continued to watch as the King got so mad that he had to leave the room to calm down.

From her place under Esther’s skirt she also saw Haman panic. He ran over to Esther, fell on her and begged for her to help him.

Princess was sure he was attacking her wonderful Esther. She couldn’t let that happen. She let out a kitty growl and sprang. Spitting, screaming, and flying through the air, she landed on Haman’s back. She dug in her claws and continued to attack. Haman, too surprised to move, yelled and yelled and yelled.

Princess saw the King come running. Then he stopped. With his hands on his hips, he smiled. He seemed to think that she was doing her job very well.

Princess sat proudly purring on Esther’s lap as the soldiers came to arrest Haman. And to receive a changed law to proclaim throughout the land. She was sure that the Creator made her a Princess just for a time like this.

© 1995, Micki Parkinson

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