There it was again. He stopped, crouched down and watched. He waited with every muscle tense, his tail moving back and forth and his ears flattened against his head. When it moved again he was ready. He sprang into the air and reached. The butterfly only changed its direction slightly, but it was enough. He …

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Feeding 5000

Finally, the rooster crowed. The little black and white kitten had to amuse herself while everyone slept. But she knew that noise. It meant company. She scrambled up a bed and landed on her boy’s stomach. She walked up to stand on his chest and watch his face. As soon as he opened his eyes, …

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The first sound brought his head up, eyes wide, muscles tense. The cat backed further into the shadows as his stable filled with sounds of confusion and people in a hurry. He stayed there a long time, motionless and watching. What he saw turned out to be a man, a woman and the birth of …

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A very sad little bundle of fur huddled in the shadows of an alley. The little kitten didn’t know how long she had been alone, but she did know that she was cold and tired and hungry and very lonely. She cut her paw the last time someone chased her away. She stayed in her …

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Sheba stood in the doorway and looked around the room. As soon as she had everyone’s attention, she made her entrance. Her steps were slow and graceful. She held her head high and her tail at a very proud angle with a very proud little curl at the end. When she sat, it was in …

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