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There’s a system for getting Muffy to the vet. We have to corner her, she gives up and lets out a pitiful little cry. We wrap her in a white blanket, put her in a carrier and take her out to the car.
     There I was on the floor (in the same corner) and Muff was really upset. She tried scratching on her post so I would get up and get her a treat. Then she jumped on my chest (CPR?). I was wrapped in a white blanket, put in a carrier and taken out the door.
     She stayed upset until I came home. Glenn was sure that she knew where I was—in a furry sort of way. As soon as she heard my voice she came running. Then, for a couple days she checked on me regularly. If she didn’t know where I was, she would yell until I called to her.
     We’ve all heard stories about animals doing amazing things. Saving heart attack victims, getting people out of burning buildings, going for help when their people are in trouble. I recently heard about a dog that had only been adopted days before running to a neighbor’s house when her person needed help.
     God’s creation is an amazing thing—especially when you narrow your focus to particular pieces like animals. The things they do and the ways those furry little heads work are fascinating.
The Bible says that God gave us dominion over the creatures. It seems to me that means more than most people think. Ruling over the animals doesn’t just mean telling them what to do, using them for our own good (or to the point of extinction) with no thought for them.
     No king lasts long if he has no thought for his people. Ruling over the animals must be similar—watching, learning and understanding God’s specific design for each one and working with Him to provide the atmosphere where His creature can flourish—whether cat, dog or anything else.
     Muffy is a sweetheart and did her best to care for me. God has given me the responsibility of doing the same for her.



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